The Grandmaster Seyed Mehdi Nazhand got familiar with the world of Martial Arts from the year 1975. He started with Kung fu. Then he got familiar with Karate & Taekvando. After some years, the Grandmaster succeeded to acquire valuable experiences. He continued to get familiar with Taekwondo & kuk Sool Hapkido and Hapkido and opened a path to a new world. The Grandmaster Seyed Mehdi Nazhand acquired precious experiences and could show his unique ability at the first national competitions.
He was introduced as a member of the National Team of Iran at the first state run competitions as the best athlete. He has been invited to Korean International Competitions and then to the Global Competitions of the TAFISA Organization and succeeded to acquire the 1st & 3rd Ranks of these rounds of competitions. The Grandmaster succeeded to achieve the second rank of the Great International Competitions, held at Istanbul – Turkey with participation of 15 Free Karate Teams in Semi-Professional manner. Moreover he succeeded to achieve the First Rank at the Asian Competitions, held at Baku, the next year.
In the year 2011, he acquired the 1st Rank of Championship and 2nd Rank of Sword Art. He acquired the second world rank of the Free Martial Arts Competitions held in 2012 at the United States of America. He also participated at the European International Competitions in the year 2013, and acquired the 1st Rank of Self-defense.

In the year 2014, he succeeded to achieve 1st Rank of the world Hapkido Competition, held at South Korea.
He also attended the International  Competitions of Canada in the year 2017 and acquired two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal in WKC.
Finally, after tremendous efforts, he founded a new organization named GHF (Global Hapkido Foundation)
, by combination of Hapkido techniques and studying different styles. The GHF is a people based foundation and a favorite style in Iran and Middle East. Our goal is strengthening GHF Hapkido in the world. We have tried to remove all weak points of the style and improve original techniques of Hapkido, on the basis of Knowledge of anatomy of the human body.
We have tried to introduce a new method to the people worldwide. And now we are proud of introducing a defect less training methodology.
Competitions should be organized for taking part at International, Asian and Global games, according to the international rules.
Refereeing: We offer an option for refereeing that may help us to approach our objective as the first global organization. Holding refereeing classes is considered as an important and turning point in each style. We try to teach the best to the best people.
Coaching: Development and improvement of every organization depends on its coaches. The coaches could introduce their organization to the world, by teaching their experiences to others
Seminar: The objective of holding seminars is introducing the GHF Hapkido style to the world and trying to develop and improve it. People of the world must get familiar with it. Unfortunately, there is no unity in the South Korea and we are trying to develop unity worldwide
Sponsor: We aim at attracting sponsor and public aids in order to develop GHF Hapkido Organization throughout the world. We try to continue our efforts strongly and materialize our objectives.